Our Stories - Ben's Swing

With her son recently diagnosed with ADHD, Karen Brown desperately needed an outlet for his boundless energy.
Thankfully, the Teddy Bear Foundation came up with a twin solution that occupies young Ben during the day….and calms him down at night.
Karen explained:”Ben has been diagnosed with autism since the age of two.

“He’s nearly 10 now and has started to become more hyperactive.  Now, he’s been diagnosed with ADHD.
“We recently moved into a new house but there was no swing in the garden.
“I wrote to the Teddy Bear Foundation, asking for either a swing or a weighted blanket for night time.
“I was delighted when they wrote back and said Ben could have both.”
As with other children helped by the charity, Ben finds that the added pressure from the weighted blanket calms him down at night.
During the day, he has spent hour upon hour on his new swing at the family home
in Cupar, Fife.
Added Karen:”Because of his condition, we knew we would need a pretty sturdy swing.
“The Teddy Bear Foundation paid for a nice wooden one and Ben’s dad and granddad cemented it into the ground.
“Ben absolutely loves it.  He’s out in the garden all the time now.
“It’s a Godsend.  I can see him from the kitchen window, so I can keep an eye on him while I’m doing the dishes.
“He has an older sister and a younger one so they can all play together…..when Ben lets them on.
“He has become so confident on the swing, he rides up high and then jumps off before it stops.”
Sounds like Karen will be writing to us soon, asking for a helmet!

Ben Brown's swing is a "Godsend" says his mum.

The weighted blanket that calms him down at night.

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