Our Stories - Blake's Blanket Story

The whole family is reaping the benefits of Blake Hamilton’s “special” blanket.
The four-year-old has Autism, which has prevented him enjoying a full night’s sleep since he was born.
This has an obvious knock-on effect for Blake’s mum and dad and three siblings.

Yvonne Hamilton knew that one possible solution was a weighted blanket, which has also helped other children through the Teddy Bear Foundation.

After we agreed to meet the £127 cost of the blanket, Yvonne said:”I have been on Cloud Nine since you telephoned today!

“Outwith our own wee family, we have no support from anyone, not even a relative who could help out.  So we are not used to receiving help at all.”

And what has been Blake’s experience with the blanket?
Yvonne, from Stonehouse in Lanarkshire, added:”What a big difference it has made to the family.

“He still gets up during the night but he’s sleeping for much longer periods.

“We are getting as much as five hours sleep before he wakes now, which was just not happening before.

“There are few other alternatives.  One of them is a drug called Melatonin but we felt it would just make him drowsy and we didn’t want that.

“Blake calls it his special blanket.  My daughter was so impressed with the Teddy Bear Foundation, she’s asked for some of her Christmas money to go to the charity.

“I think you do a marvellous job, too.”

Blake Hamilton is warming to his new blanket.

Blake seems such a happy wee boy.

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