Our Stories - Cole Macleod

Few little boys deserve a lucky break more than two-year-old Cole Macleod.

The young lad has had a rough time of it, ever since he was born.  He was quickly diagnosed with breathing difficulties and had to have a tracheostomy fitted to his throat at just 17 days old.

His surgeon said he was amazed he had survived that long.

But that was not then end of his troubles.  Medics found he had a narrowing of the windpipe, which led to him spending the first seven months of his life in hospital.

He contracted swine flu, which can be fatal for respiratory patients and, during major surgery on his windpipe, he stopped breathing three times.  He had contracted pneumonia.

For a long time, Cole’s bedroom at home in East Kilbride resembled a hospital ward.  There were two ventilators, two suction machines and a nebuliser.  Not surprisingly, his bedroom tended to remind Cole of the times he has spent in a hospital ward.

Mum Lindsay wrote to the Teddy Bear Foundation to see if we could give Cole’s bedroom something of a makeover, to make it a more comfortable place to be.

And, to co-incide with his second birthday, we unveiled a Thomas The Tank engine shed, complete with Thomas bed, mattress, duvet and a new carpet.  There was just enough left over for some favourite trains to go on his walls.

Dad Ryan Donnelly said:”He just loves Thomas.

“He knows how to do the choo-choo by moving his arms like train wheels.

“His bedroom used to be a network of medical equipment – now it’s just like any other wee boy’s room.

“He was ecstatic when he saw it.  He was just jumping around.”

Cole has emerged from his surgery with no need for a false airway.  His parents say he is coming on leaps and bounds.  And at night, there’s a big Thomas The Tank bed waiting for him when he gets sleepy.

Cole Macleod was "ecstatic" when he saw his new Thomas The Tank bedroom.

Train-daft Cole with some of his models.

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