Our Stories - Catriona's Activity Board

Catriona Connor provides all the proof you need that kids can still enjoy hours of fun without owning the latest electronic gadgets.
The six-year-old from Cumbernauld has had a gruelling time of it of late, undergoing an operation to lengthen her achilles tendons.
She also has cerebral palsy but discovered she could derive lots of fun from an activity board at her school’s aftercare club, which she attends twice a week.

The wooden board is designed to be visually and audiby stimulating but what Catriona likes most of all are the five spinning wheels.
Said mum, Pamela:”Catriona loves anything to do with spinning.
“She gets the wheels spinning on one side, then flips over to do the same on the other side.
“She can honestly spend hours playing with this toy.  It really engages her…. and it takes a lot to engage Catriona.”
The Teddy Bear Foundation provided the £300 needed to buy one of the boards so that Catriona can enjoy it at home as well.
Said Pamela:”There are a number of practical ways this will help Catriona.
“After her operation in November, Catriona needs to spend time on her feet.  We’ll be able to put her activity board on a raised surface so that she needs to stand to use it.
“In turn, this will improve her all-round mobility.
“I was delighted when the Teddy Bear Foundation said ‘yes’ immediately.
“I had to give up work last year to look after Catriona so, obviously, the family finances are a bit stretched.
“It’s amazing to think there’s a charity like the Teddy Bear Foundation that’s prepared to help special needs kids.”

Catriona gets hours of fun from her new activity board.

You don't need the latest gadgets to have a good time.

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