Fundraising - Craigholme School in Glasgow big supporters of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

The Teddy Bear Foundation has five thousand reasons to thank the girls of Craigholme School in Glasgow.

That’s how many pounds the pupils managed to raise for the charity in less than a year of fun fundraising events.

They dressed up as Super Heroes, stars of Food and Drink and Film and Cartoon characters to gather the amazing sum.
One girl, Louisa Pelosi, managed to pull in no less than £1000 on her own, after her dad began seeking sponsorship through his work.
Barry Chuwen, who collected the cheque from the chair of the school fundraising committee, Miriam Askari, said:”We are quite taken aback by the amount raised by these amazing girls.
“I can assure each of them that it will be put to excellent use by the charity.”
Craigholme teacher Margaret Watson, the staff representative on the committee, said the girls got the ball rolling last September with the proceeds of the previous year’s tournament day.
She added:”There were three charity days through the year, when the pupils paid to get dressed up as fun characters.
“The Parent Teacher Association made a donation and the teachers got involved, too.
“The girls picked the Teddy Bear Foundation themselves and they organised all the publicity for the events.”

Famous toy store Hamley’s arranged for their Bakewell Bear to go along to the school, just before they broke up for the summer term, to thank them in person (if that’s the right word for a bear.)

Thank you Craigholme School for your all your Fundraising.



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