Our Stories - Holly Ireland Story

Sometimes, the addition of the most simple item can produce an enormous improvement in people’s lives.
In the case of six-year-old Holly Ireland, it’s a little wooden table.
Holly was a healthy two-year-old when she went down with Meningitis, with devastating consequences.  The girl, now six,  suffered brain damage, leaving her unable to walk, talk or hear.

But her physios are convinced that she retains the ability to walk again, as long as she practices standing for reasonable periods of time, holding on to something for support.  This will hopefully restore her balance.
At home in Dunfermline, however, there was a problem.  The Ireland family’s coffee table was too low; the dining table too high.
A wooden height-adjustable was on the market but like many accessories for special needs kids, it did not come cheap.
The Teddy Bear Foundation happily came up with the £430 needed for Holly’s new table and already, it’s helping all the family.
Mum, Gill, explained:”Holly is getting too heavy to carry all the time.  I have developed back problems and my husband is getting them as well.
“If she can become a bit more independent, I am sure it will make things easier for all of us.
“We put toys on the table, which encourages her to stand and play with them.
“It would mean the world to me if Holly could walk again and I’m so grateful to the Teddy Bear Foundation.
“We looked at buying one at the end of last year but it meant we would miss out on a nice Christmas if we did.
“Teddy Bear was brilliant and didn’t make us go through a lengthy process to apply for the money.  I’ve never heard of anyone who’s been turned down.
“Hopefully, Holly can now find her balance and maybe take a few steps, which would be great.”

Holly getting used to her new table.

A special wee girl.

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