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Showbiz stars in the making felt their stage performances suffered a little because they did not have a ‘uniform’ look about them.
But like the true troupers they are, they didn’t make a song and dance about it!

Instead, Glasgow company Indepen-Dance wrote to the Teddy Bear Foundation and asked for just over £500 to buy a set of matching T-shirts and hoodies.

Now, when they take to the stage of the city’s Theatre Royal for the “Go Dance” Festival in February 2012, the 25 young performers will be looking their best in their new purple kit, complete with their own unique logo on the back.
“Their wee faces lit up when we told them,” said Susan Muir, the group’s administrator and fund raiser.
“We knew about the Teddy Bear Foundation from one of the schools we do work with.  You had helped them out before and someone mentioned your name to us.”
Established in 1996, Indepen-Dance is the leading company which offers inclusive dance classes to young people who have physical and learning disabilities in the west of Scotland.
Kids travel for miles to take part in the evening classes, held in professional studios near the city centre.
Their confidence soared when they took part in the 2011 “Go Dance” Festival, a week-long event which embraces dance troupes from all over Scotland.
But they showed their steely determination by saying their performances could improve if they have a cohesive look about them.
Added Susan Muir:”It gives them a much better spirit – far superior to turning up in joggies and T-shirts.
“I felt they would be inspired by having a collective identity.
“Now, when they perform, they will look so professional and be recognised because they’ll all be sporting our logo.”

The new uniforms have gone down well with the dancers.

Strike the pose - the Indepen-Dance youngsters go through their paces.

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