Our Stories - Janet's Washing Machine Story

Single mum Janet Nisbet performs daily miracles by looking after her twin Down’s Syndrome boys, Joshua and Joseph.

She also manages to hold down a part-time job at Primark as well (in her spare time).

But her domestic chores became a real grind when her old washing machine got more and more temperamental.

“I bought the house from an old lady,” explained Janet.  “The washing machine came with it but it was pretty hopeless.

“I used to spin the dial on the control panel and hope for the best.”

Eventually, she was forced to depend on the local council’s laundry scheme to clean the dirty clothes generated by her two-year-old sons.

That service lasts for just six weeks.

Fortunately, her health visitor Liz Harris knew all about the Teddy Bear Foundation and she wrote to us on Janet’s behalf.

As a result, the delivery men recently brought and installed a £370 Hotpoint WMF 760 washing machine at the family home in Hamilton, courtesy of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Said Janet:”To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to receive it.

“I have never been on benefits and didn’t know charities like this existed.  To get help like this is a bit unusual for me as I have always worked.

“I know there are many people worse-off than me and I’d hate to think I was taking something when someone more deserving misses out.

“But it has helped greatly.  You go through a lot of kiddies clothes and this new machine has a much bigger load.

“It also has a kiddies lock on it and a temperature control so you don’t stretch the kids clothes.”

Janet is so honest, she tried to give us back the £10 overpayment that had been made by mistake.

We told her to use it to buy a jumbo box of Persil!

Janet's Washing Machine

Janet Nisbet has her hands full with twins Joseph and Joshua.

Janet's Washing Machine

Janet's delighted with her new washing machine.

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