Our Stories - Jonathan's Chair

A comfortable seating position is something that most people take for granted.  But for a three-year-old with a range of difficulties, you really have to work at it.

Jonathan Forrester tends to flop if he’s been in a sitting position for a while. 

He’s got cerebral palsy, severe developmental delay and spastic quadriplegia.  The wee guy just needs a bit of help.

We have been happy to provide that assistance through the purchase of a £370 Tomato soft touch sitter.
It gets him out of his wheelchair, it’s got a set of wheels for total mobility and can even be attached to a traditional seat for that rare trip to a restaurant.
“The Teddy Bear Foundation is amazing,” said delighted mum, Shelley Forrester of Dundee.
“One of my friends told me about the charity and I had a look at the website.
“When I emailed Barry, he got back to me within three hours”
Jonathan is now getting used to his new furniture, which seems to double as a racing car!
Explained Shelley:”It’s got a five-point harness which keeps him secure.
“He doesn’t like his wheelchair so he’s spending a lot of time sitting in his new chair, watching television.
“He has also discovered it’s on wheels, so he’s been rocking back and forward a lot.  It really helps him relax.”

Jonathan is loving his new, relaxing chair.

The Tomato reclining chair bought by the Teddy Bear Foundation.

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