Our Stories - Joshua's Blanket

A good night’s sleep is something which most of us take for granted……
But for Kirkcaldy mum, Regan Duncan, it’s a pleasure she has not enjoyed for the past five years.
Son, Joshua, has Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy which seem to prevent him being able to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

As a result, Regan and her partner, Robert, are kept awake at night as well.
“It’s a complete nightmare,” said Regan, 35.  “I dread night time coming around.
“He can be up six times a night.  Even when he’s sleeping, he is still thrashing around.
“I’ve never slept a whole night in five years.  But to me, Joshua comes first and I have devoted my life to caring for him.”
Hopefully, the Teddy Bear Foundation may be able to bring some relief.  We have agreed to purchase a £140 weighted blanket for the five-year-old.
A big improvement was noticed when he was loaned one for a week by his occupational therapist.
Said Regan:”It helped greatly and  he fell asleep much quicker.  He was also calmer during sleep because of the weighted blanket.
“At nursery, he has a lap blanket which they put on him to help calm him down at story time.”
Now, the family are looking for some peace and quiet during the dark hours.

Said Regan:”Fingers crossed.  I just want to have a good night’s sleep.”

Joshua's over the moon with his new weighted blanket..

Thumbs up to the Teddy Bear Foundation.

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