Our Stories - Katie's Swing Story

Four-year-old Katie Douglas is now in the swing of things after The Teddy Bear Foundation bought play equipment for her garden.
The wee girl from Kirkcaldy in Fife has a debilitating condition that doctors are unable to identify.
She’s been having fits since she was six months old, can’t walk unaided and finds it difficult to even play with toys on her own.

But put her in a swing – and her face lights up.
Single mum Tracey Douglas explained:”Katie’s condition makes things quite difficult.
“She can’t go up or down stairs on her own, so I need to carry her all the time.  We’re getting a lift installed, which should help.
“I can’t go to work because I spend all my time with Katie.  She goes to a special school for two hours a day, which is all the break I get each day.”
Tracey was told about the Teddy Bear Foundation by Katie’s occupational therapist.  She knew of another local family who had received a swing from us, so she got in touch.
Added Tracey:”Katie’s got a basket swing at her school, which she loves.
“Now she’ll have one of her own at home, which will be great for all of us.
“I was shocked how quickly Barry got in touch with me after he received my request.
“Within 10 days, I had a cheque and I thought to myself “How quick is that?”

Katie's Swing

Her garden was a pretty lonely place before the swing arrived.

Katie's Swing

Katie is loving her new swing.

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