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They say it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good – and that’s what Kilpatrick School discovered earlier this year.
Storm-force winds that struck Scotland just after New Year decimated the fence which protected the school’s sensory garden in Clydebank.
According to special needs instructor Davina Conarty, this left the little trees and shrubs “bashed and battered”.
This was particularly upsetting to the Teddy Bear Foundation, as we had paid for the garden to be created in 2008 at a cost of £15,000.

One call from Davina and our crack team of gardeners were back at Kilpatrick, rebuilding the fence and restoring the plants.
Said Davina:”We didn’t have the money to do the repairs.  It would just have been left wide open.
“One of the main purposes of the fence is to provide a learning experience for the children and it helps that it’s completely enclosed.”
Three years ago, the amazing transformation of Kilpatrick School’s garden earned official approval from the Provost of West Dunbartonshire.
Councillor Denis Agnew was guest of honour at an open day to celebrate £15,000 worth of landscaping work by the Teddy Bear Foundation.
The charity took a barren stretch of ground outside the Clydebank special needs school and replaced it with a sensory garden budding with bulbs, plants and trees. 
The project was completed in June 2008 but poor weather that summer prevented children getting the best out of their new facility.
A year later, at an official opening attended by Teddy Bear founder Barry Chuwen, the ribbon was cut to allow kids full access to the new development.
Said Provost Agnew:”This is a fantastic gesture by the Teddy Bear Foundation.
“We are hearing about banks being bailed out with billions but this shows how money can be used to bring good into people’s lives.”
The children of Kilpatrick School were quick to explore their lush new playground. A high-tech swing has also been installed which has allowed children in wheelchairs join in the fun.
Representatives from three local newspapers turned up to report the event and several other public representatives took time out of their busy schedules to attend as well.
Davina Conarty added at the time:”We got so much more than we wanted.
“There’s two huge raised beds children can access and the centre part has been lifted up and landscaped with trees and plants.”
There must be something about Kilpatrick School because the Teddy Bear Foundation has agreed a further cash donation to help pay for adventure breaks in England.
Older kids in their late teens love Bendrigg Lodge in Cumbria, which offers a breathtaking array of activities like climbing, abseiling and canoeing.
Even party members in wheelchairs are able to scale the heights or plunge the depths in amazing caves.
Oh, and there’s a brilliant zip wire and tube slide as well!
Teacher Barbara Keita said:”This will be our fourth visit, which shows how much we all enjoy it!”

Kilpatrick School Clydebank.

Kilpatrick School's Garden Opening

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