Our Stories - Brighter Days Story

The Olympics in London were a huge success, providing us all with memories that will last a lifetime.
But one of the unwelcome spin-offs from the five-ringed sporting extravaganza was the way it pushed up prices in southern England.
This was discovered by the West Lothian charity Brighter Days, which supports kids with ADHD, Autism and Aspbergers.

They were planning a “once in a lifetime” trip by 31 children to the Legoland adventure park near Windsor.
With more than 20 parents and carers on the trip as well, the costs began to mount up.
Charity chairwoman Avril Sinclair said:”It was very expensive because our trip coincided with the Olympics in London.
“People were adding zero’s to just about everything.”
The Teddy Bear Foundation was approached with a request to help fund the trip and we were happy to make a contribution of £250.
We looked upon it as the final ‘brick’ in the Legoland wall!
Added Avril:”The kids had a ball – a massive thank you to everyone at the Teddy Bear Foundation.
“Everything worked out perfectly.  It was raining heavily when we arrived in the morning but after that, it was glorious sunshine.
“The Legoland staff stamped everyone’s hand, so it meant we didn’t have to queue for any of the rides.
“Thanks again – the families had the time of their life.  Everyone said it was the best trip they had ever been on with the kids.”

The kids from West Lothian had a ball at Legoland.

Each child was given a goodie bag to occupy them on the long trip.

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