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Sarah Elsby knew she was on the right track with the iPad when her son picked up a toy train and said “Choo Choo” for the first time.

Three-year-old Mason suffers from Autism and Hyper Mobility and before he started working with computers, his family had barely heard him speak.

Now equipped with a new iPad, courtesy the Teddy Bear Foundation, he is regularly surprising his nearest and dearest with what he can do.
Said Sarah, from Inverkeithing in Fife:”We first noticed a change in him when he began singing along to songs he heard on his iPad.
“This was surprising because he can’t talk.
“Then, when he used the alphabet app on the machine, he noticed that if he touched the train, it said ‘Choo Choo’. “The next thing we knew, he was picking up a toy train in the room and saying ‘Choo Choo.’”
Sarah was advised to write to us by staff at Gordon Cottage, the pre school centre, where Mason’s ability with a touch screen computer was first noticed.
To Mason’s generation, everything should be touch screen and even at home, he’d stand in front of the TV and try to move the SKY menu with his fingers.
Now that he’s got a computer of his own, his mental and physical development has really taken off.
Added Sarah:”Before he got his iPad, Mason would never use his hands.
“He would always take our hands to do things for him.
“He doesn’t do that anymore and his hand and eye co-ordination has really improved.
“It has definitely brought him on; everyone’s noticed it.
“But it helps me, too. We used to go to Asda and he’d fight if I tried to get him seated in the trolley.
“Now, I offer him the iPad he’ll happily play with it as we go round the shop. “If Mason’s happy, we’re all happy. And it has even stopped him taking tantrums.”

My husband and I would like to say a big thank you for Mason's iPad. He can now count to 10 and can go from a-g of the alphabet. He's really coming on and everyone is shocked! He's no longer stuck in his own world and will come to me if I say his name. He can sing along to jingle bells, knock on a door and shout hello. If were leaving any where he will say bye bye and if the phone rings he says hello. He's started nursery and loves it.

Thank you again for all your help.

Sarah, Graeme and Mason.

Mason Elsby has been surprising his family with his progress since getting his iPad.

His mum's heard him saying proper words for the first time.

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