Our Stories - Ritchie Horrocks Story

Moira Horrocks is convinced that when the geniuses at Apple invented their iPad, they had her three-year-old son, Ritchie, in mind.
Because he has a shortened forearm and tiny fingers, he is unable to use a traditional computer keyboard.
And other aspects of his condition mean that it would require a laborious and uncomfortable process just to get Ritchie to sit in front of a machine.

But the revolutionary ‘swooshing’ action on the iPad, where you switch pages by simply brushing the screen, allows him to fully enter the world of IT.
He can even use it, lying down.
We paid just over £500 to buy Ritchie his very own iPad, complete with waterproof cover that protects it from sand, water and paint.
That’s because he takes his new machine to nursery school, where a variety of messy learning tools could damage his pride and joy.
Mum, Moira, of Craigrothie in Fife said:”Ritchie absolutely loves it.
“He needed help to access IT learning and without the iPad, he could easily have fallen behind.
“We discovered his ability when my husband gave him an iPod to use when he was upset.
“We could see he could swoosh through photos on the screen, even though his fingers couldn’t turn the pages on a book.
“This has opened up so many things to him and we’re very grateful to the Teddy Bear Foundation for the donation.
“There’s a Toy Story app, where you get to see clips of the movie and can colour in Buzz Lightyear; he just loves that one.”
Moira is sure other aspects of his development have been improved by his time on the iPad.
His confidence has increased and he’s started to chat a lot more than before.
She added:”He’s counting to seven now, which I think is brilliant for a three-year-old with his problems.
“He can also make choices for himself now.  Before, he could only play with the toys I gave him but now he can make up his own mind and switch to doing something else.
“We are all absolutely delighted.”

Ritchie enjoying his iPad.

Ritchie loves the 'swooshing' action on the iPad.

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