Fundraising - HM Revenue and Customs in Glasgow

It’s not often you get a cheque from the taxman……..

But that’s what happened to the Teddy Bear Foundation when staff at HM Revenue and Customs in Glasgow decided to back our charity.

Organiser Aimee McCole explained:”At the start of the year, we looked at local charities to us and decided which charities we would support for the year.
“The Teddy Bear Foundation sounded like an excellent charity for helping children have fun and enjoy trips.
“At Easter, we had a game called ‘Name the chicken that laid the egg’.
“We had a sheet of paper with 115 names of what the name of the chicken could have been.
“We walked around the floor and it was £1 a shot to play, so you would just put your name next to the one you thought it was.
“At the end of the day, we had collected £115, and we drew the winner,  who received a Easter egg.  All the money raised from the event was then donated to the TBF.”
And Aimee added:”We hope we can help you again in the future.”
Teddy Bear founder Barry Chuwen admitted he was surprised when one of his employees told him someone from the tax office was looking for him.
Joked Barry:”I was naturally intrigued but, thankfully, it was good news.
“Many thanks to the staff at Portculis House for their kind efforts.  I just wonder what the chicken’s name was……..”

It was Layla.

Aimee hands over the cheque to Teddy Bear founder, Barry Chuwen.  Aimee's team member Craig Borland is on the left and competition winner George McKillop is on the right.

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